Wyoming, formerly known as Reginald, is a stereotypical-English bounty hunter who was in the same augmentation program as Tex. He was originally hired as a hitman to kill Tucker; after his failure, he was thrown forward in time. He proceeded to kill the alien, Crunchbite, fleeing from Tex afterward. He was later knocked unconscious by Tex. His old AI, Gamma, then teleported him to the Zanzibar fortress, where he tried and failed to use temporal manipulation to kill the Blues. He also suffered brain damage when Gamma forcibly ejected himself from his amour. His current status is unknown, though he is most likely dead.

In terms of combat ability, Wyoming is a very capable combatant, having defeated Agent New York during a confrontation with him and Tex. During season 9, it was revealed that Wyoming was the third highest ranked freelancer, right behind York in second and Carolina in first. However, despite this, he was still incapable of defeating Tex during this time, even with the help of York and Agent Maine.

Wyoming, like all other freelancers, was given a piece of equipment to go with his armor. In his case, it was a temporal distortion unit, which allowed him to play back events in time until they went his way. It was also shown during the Meta's use of his equipment that it can be used to slow down time and, when overloaded, can cause an inversion; when Simmons overloaded the temporal distortion unit, rather than slowing everything else down, it actually slowed the Meta down. Despite that, Wyoming is never actually shown doing this.

During season 9, Wyoming was first introduced training with and being defeated by Tex alongside Maine and York. The group lost a total of eight rounds before Wyoming and Maine decided to use actual ammunition against her. Even despite this, Wyoming was incapable of defeating her. It was also revealed that York lost sight in his left eye due to a grenade thrown by Maine, which was given to him by Wyoming. This instance was first hinted at when Tex had York join forces with her to get revenge on Wyoming. Wyoming is later seen going on a mission to get the Sarcophagus and the key to open it. Wyoming was on team B, which consisted of him, C.T. and Agent North Dakota.